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We use quality Rinehart 3-D targets!  The Rinehart targets given out  at our year end raffle and awards event are sponsored by a generous donation from Rinehart Targets. Click now to visit Rinehart Targets online. Scroll over image to see a larger version of the sticker. Come on out to shoot for our Fun Shoot Day. Take the opportunity to get ready for Whitetail Bow Only season the week following this shoot.

Aug. 22, 2015 scores in PDF

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We use Rinehart targets, exclusively.

Visit Rinehart online.

As we announced on our Facebook page a while ago, we lost our ability to hold our regular club shoots on the “Archery on Fire” property because Cam sold the property and his business. We were told in December that we had to pack up our equipment and targets and could not shoot there with the new owners. We’ve been actively looking for a place and although we have had a couple of options fall through we are still working on finding a place.

We ask those who have participated in our past shoots to give us suggestions of property or locations that they would like us to check into.

We are currently investigating the possibility of working with Harris

County Precinct 4 and the Spring Creek Greenway project for the opportunity to hold our shoots at one of their locations.

We will keep you posted if and when things develop to the club’s benefit. In the meantime, if anyone knows of a place that could possibly meet our needs, feel free to pass it on to Dennis Godfrey or Carlos Medina.

We would like to thank Cam Cope for the time he allowed us to shoot at the Archery on Fire location and all his support.

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Please Note: Shooters, bring your rubber boots if there has been much rain prior to a shoot. The course does not always  drain and dry out as we would hope. Improving that condition is being worked on.  Additionally, although we fog before each shoot, bug spray may also prove wise because of how heavy the mosquitos have been recently.